Saturday, May 11, 2013

Goings On

So I haven't posted in a few weeks, but it's because the weather has been so nice lately that I've been trying to spend some more time outside and the heat just seems to zap your energy. Anyways, updates...

This year, again, I am doing container gardening, as I don't have anywhere to plant in the ground. So far though, I have 9 small tomato plants, snow pod peas, kale and lettuce seedlings, and pickling cucumber and zucchini seedlings sprouting up. I also have planted beets, bush beans, 4 containers of potatoes, and I will probably be trying to get some more planting in soon. Of course, added to this I have herbs and flowers and kiwi vines, etc that weathered over from last year, which adds some color to my little container garden. I'll have to make sure that I take some pictures later of my seedlings and post them.

Lately I have also been trying to dehydrate as much as I can, and I have to say, I love the electric dehydrators! They work so fast and you can really fit a lot onto those trays! I'm planning on getting some of the sheets to use with fruit leathers, so that I can try making some for my kids, as I would much prefer them eating snacks that don't have a bunch of crap added and are 100% healthy.

What about everyone else? Any gardening updates or any other goings on in your lives that you'd like to share?